| LeapDAO


In this episode (amidst the corona crisis) I met Max, Victor, and Johann from, who shared a lot of cool things around what they are building and how they are doing it. An approach that differs from many of the things we see out there.

For example, we talked about one of the first test drive they ran with their tech, collaborating with the German political party Volt and testing quadratic voting with real users, in a pretty clever way! It was nice to hear about a DAO tool being used with non tech people.

We also talked more about Quadratic Voting, DAO integration and, of course, leapDAO. Overall, an enjoyable conversation with builders who seem aware of what they are doing. Thanks, guys! And I hope to see your podcast on the street!

This interview was recorded on March 18th, 2020. Please take that into consideration when listening to it.