Josh Tan | Metagovernance Project


“As communities grow, as they get more complicated, they need more and more complicated rule sets and mechanics to deal with the problems that inevitably arise. And what we want to do is provide a set of shared natively cross-platform tools that allow people to plug and play different kinds of social and computational mechanisms.”

In today’s episode, we receive the computer scientist & Governance Crusader Joshua Tan, from the Metagovernance Project. In a very friendly chat, we explore a bit of what goes on behind the curtains of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), and how the dynamics from virtual world can lead to valuable insights for governance in general.

We also explore Cyber-physical systems and how they have been understood from different communities (e.g. the DAO movement and national agencies). More interesting yet, we talk about the difference between discrete (computational) and continuous (physical) systems, and what that means for digitally mediated governance.

And much much more, such as:

This interview was recorded on January 16th, 2020. Please take that into consideration when listening to it.