Luis Cuende | Aragon 🦅


“Because I think, today, a lot of the uncertainty around DAOs is that they cannot grow out of their code in their smart contract. And smart contracts don’t know about all human subtleties.”

DAOcast finally features Aragon! We received Luis Cuende, CEO of Aragon One and cofounder of the Aragon Project. We took the time to understand how Luis first got involved with blockchain and the DAO space, going back to his connections to the open source movement. His trajectory took us from the Spanish financial crisis to his discovery of new means for finance through Bitcoin.

The focus of the show was on the recent releases on the Aragon ecosystem, from Aragon 0.8 Camino, to the Aragon Design System. We also investigate possible ways to connect this DAO ecosystem to other ones through Aragon Agent. Finally, we got some updates on the Aragon Network!

Tune in for all of these updates!

This interview was recorded on October 2nd, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.