Max Semenchuk | DGOV | Commons Stack | EthSignals


“Sometimes the biggest value is not in the central node, which has most of the connections, but with the nodes who have unique connections.”

Speaking from Kiev, Ukraine, Max Semenchuk, The Commons Stack, and, as revealed in the show, EthSignals.

Being an entrepreneur, product Manager, UX designer, and Org innovator, Max arrived at the world of decentralized organizations through first-hand experience, when he could no longer tell people what to do in 4irelabs, a start-up he cofounded. He saw in Holocracy a successful way forward, with the world of DAOs just across the corner.

Upon learning more about blockchain and DAOs, he started to initiate the first local meet-ups around these topics, which, although challenging, laid the blueprint for what is now DGOV. And now, a few months later, he has helped to grow the DGOV community to a network of around 500 enthusiasts and practitioners in the field. Some of which are mapped in the DGOV Network map Max has built. DAOcast is now in the map!

There is no doubt that this ecosystem is currently an important sub-space of the larger DAOs space. So much so that Max and his peers have organize a node (break out room) around dgov & dao topics for 3 days at the web3 summit space, during the Berlin Blockchain Week.

So tune in to check an exploration of the DGOV network map (video available), as well as Max’s impressions of BBW, and his activities within The Commons Stack and EthSignals.

This interview was recorded on August 30th, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.