P2PTALK | John Kellden & peers | Wise Playgrounds

DAOcast is an open platform for the investigation of the emerging fields of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Distributed Organizing. In that spirit, it welcomes the conversations happening around these topics in other cyber-spaces, as it is with this “P2PTALK” that took place in the E2GLATS ecosystem.

In the conversation, we have John Kellden and his bold effort to co-create with me, you, and another 300k people worldwide a decentralized autonomous organization (#DAO), capable of giving life to a series of “ #wise #playgrounds “ to serve as blueprints to flip perspectives of our very way of beingness!

Tune in and try the first instance of this new taste of DAOcast.

This interview was recorded on May 29th, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.