Michael Zargham | BlockScience | Commons Stack


“The key is that, by not trying to claim there’s a universal law of social activity, I can actually derive reasonably useful models of a local system.”

In what is perhaps the densest DAOcast interview yet, Dr. Michael Zargham, founder of BlockScience and co-creator of the Commons Stack, shares his rich perspectives on social systems conceptualization, modeling, and engineering. With a robust academic background, Zargham has been doing key work for the world of decentralization way before blockchain was cool (or existed for that matter). And his years as a researcher on robotics and computational social science now provide the basis for his work of design and analysis of complex networks.

We covered a vast ground in our talk, from what possibly defines a DAO beyond the technological infrastructure, to the meaning of the Commons as a cultural underpinning for social coordination, to complex adaptive dynamics computer-aided design (cadCAD). So hop-on and enjoy the view.

This interview was recorded on June 8th, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.