Antonio Tenorio, David Loop, and Jordi Burguet | P2P Models


“We are really excited to work on it and to see how far we go bringing the commons and the communities’ perspectives into the blockchain arena.” Antorio Tenorio.

As a 5-year EU-sponsored research project, P2P Models is producing infrastructure for the collaborative economy using blockchain technology, focusing on mainly two aspects.

This endeavor is being conducted with a plural perspective, characterized by the team’s diversity, as well as a solid social theoretical grounding, that draws from the work of people like Nobel winner Prof. Elinor Ostrom.

In our chat, we went deeper into the project’s early development, its infrastructural choices, digital communities’ dynamics and much more. Tune in to learn more about this exciting project and the amazing people behind it.

This interview was recorded on February 26th, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.