S01E08 - That should be us (but I'm here to contribute) with Jossbot


“I don’t know what the DAO is because I don’t see it yet, but my hope is that it will be something that helps us to find the answers here and now, instead of thinking that we will find it elsewhere.”

In what is perhaps the craziest and most creative episode of DAOcast, we received the artist and aspiring “DAOpsychic for Imagination Support” Jossbot, which has also become a partner of DAOcast, creator of the imagery used by the show through KATTFANTASTISKT.

As a DAOstack pollinator and avid creator, Jossbot shared her takes on the Genesis experiment, exploring with us how the DAO dynamics could evolve as this concept matures and accommodates for different kinds of users. Incorporating the power of Abstraction in our conversation, we managed to explore varied imaginary territories that could aid in the understanding and development of the field, giving life to neologisms and unusual ways to think about DAOs. That, on itself, is enough to give this episode a listen, but if such an exercise doesn’t suffice, you might be intrigued to learn what a “DAO as a shinny, 80’s looking like sphere” is.

Tune in for that and much more.

This interview was recorded on October 2th, so please take that into consideration when listening to the show.