S01E07 - Daniel Shavit & Olivier Sarrouy


“What I do expect to see is how DAOs will enable a small group of people to enlarge and to scale progressively without losing their spirit.”

In this double-DAO episode, we interview Horatii Partners co-founder Daniel Shavit (also known in the space as @cryptodani) and Olivier Sarrouy, Ph.D. in Communication Sciences, Co-founder & tech lead at ryhopenetwor & Co-dev of the Pando protocol.

As one can imagine, this was a very rich conversation. For started, Daniel and Olivier shared their thoughts on the 2018 Berlin Blokchain Week, marked by ETH Berlin and the first decentralized meetup funded through DAOstack’s Genesis Alpha. We also explored the Pando Protocol, one of the Grantee projects at Aragon Nest program, learning about how it aims to build infrastructures for decentralized autonomous content. And quite interestingly, we discussed how the ideas of autopoiesis and living systems can serve as powerful frameworks for the development of DAOs.

Tune in for that and much more.

This interview was recorded on September 13th, so please take that into consideration when listening to the show.