S01E06 - Pedro Parrachia


“When you look at the Bitcoin’s blockchain network, you’ll see that with some very strict rules, not really complicated, we were able to bootstrap the most secure digital network nowadays. Or at least the most expensive one to attack. And with DAOs we are aiming at transcribing that into the governance level.”

A self-proclaimed digital nomad and citizen scientist conducting research and development with digital infrastructure for the public good. Not only for the cyber space, but also for public health and food sovereignty. This is Pedro Parrachia, one of the most engaged DAOstack pollinators.

In our talk, we cover a lot of ground. From how the cyber space nowadays can be understood as a feudal arena, where the value of our data is hoarded to powerful lords, to how DAOs could help us change that, to how blockchain might fail in being a tool in that mission. Pedro also gave us his thoughts on his experience with Alchemy, contextualizing it within the broader context of access barriers to digital infrastructures. In sum, a lot of good information.

If you want to reach out to Pedro to talk about the amazing things he’s doing, do so at pedro@rhizom.me.