S01E04 - Cem F Dagdelen


“And I think this is a kind of DAO fantasy, like termites building their house. That is something that really makes me optimistic about it (Genesis).”

Cem’s had only one job in his life, which was enough for him to experience the inefficiencies of hierarchical structures in investment banking. So he decided to find not another job, but rather a life passion. And that is how he came across the field of decentralized governance, later co-founding the consultancy Horatii Partners.

In this our conversation we cover a lot of ground, from Cem’s impressions as one of the first members of the Genesis DAO (powered by Alchemy), to some of Horatti’s initiatives, such as its Decentralized Consulting Stack. We also speculate about the evolution of the field of DAOs and ways to keep track of it using network mapping tools like Kumu. Tune in. It’s worth it!