S01E03 - Ezra Weller


“What’s gonna happen after we leave? It’d be nice to give the guardianship of the project to the community at large somehow. That feels like one the best ways to make sure that the mission of the project continues in the spirit that represents the community.”

Coming from an unusual background in the crypto-community (music), Ezra brings fresh perspectives into the world of DAOs. His business, Groupmuse, has taken him down the path of decentralized governance to investigate, among other things, how communities can be better integrated into the decision making processes of the services they use. From there, it’s not difficult to see how he ended up being involved with blockchain technology.

In this conversation we discuss some of the challenges faced by decentralized governance, as well as blockchain technologies in general, what are some of the best environments for DAOs to thrive, strategies for organizations to start transition towards DAO structures, and, of course, much more.