DAO to 🌍 | 6 | Luuk Weber


“DAO to Earth” is an inquiry based project that seeks to further understand the experience of participating in a DAO, and how this new framework for organizing relates to the world we’re currently living in.

It was funded by the Genesis DAO through Alchemy (DAOstack’s first DAO interface), and it is comprised of 9 interviews with Genesis members. It is hoped that this series will function as a DAO-knowledge library for current builders and future explorers of the dawn of DAOs.

“You know, we don’t need to start anything actually, we just need to empower the people that are doing it.”

In this episode we are joined by Luuk Weber, entrepreneur and net-weaver of the DAO movement in the Caribbean. In the show, he shares his experiences with community building and event organizing around blockchain and crypto in the region, leading up to the creation of the Caribbean Blockchain Network, the organizing of different events, and the launching of the CuraDAO, a community owned (and governed) social impact fund for the sustainable development and overall betterment of the Curaçao island.

We also discussed what it takes to DAO in regards to profiles of people currently more likely to engage with this technology, drawing upon Luuk’s experience with onboarding, of himself and others. On that note, we also hear about his experience joining Genesis and his impressions on it technology and community.

A very interesting point that Luuk brought up in this conversation is how reputation within a DAO could be better leveraged than what it currently is, especially in regards to dynamics happening outside the digital world and/or password management in collectives.

And, of course, we dived deep into the experiences of CuraDAO and DAOfast Amsterdam, both of which have been co-initiated by Luuk. Since the interview, CuraDAO has launched its new website and taken steps towards its ambitious vision of catalyzing social change in the island.

This interview was recorded on October 21st, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.