DAO to 🌍 | 5 | Eylon Aviv


“DAO to Earth” is an inquiry based project that seeks to further understand the experience of participating in a DAO, and how this new framework for organizing relates to the world we’re currently living in.

It was funded by the Genesis DAO through Alchemy (DAOstack’s first DAO interface), and it is comprised of 9 interviews with Genesis members. It is hoped that this series will function as a DAO-knowledge library for current builders and future explorers of the dawn of DAOs.

“My argument is that Alchemy should be a social app first.

In a very fluid conversation, Eylon came chat with us about his path towards blockchain: starting in China - where he kick started a huge decentralized Crypto Community - all the way to dHack, the first DAO powered decentralized hackathon.

With the vision for dHack, we talked about how it came to be and how it works, the projects that have come out from previous instances (including Alchemy’s mobile app), and the details of the next edition in ETH Waterloo. In addition to this, we also discussed the recent happenings in the world in regards to blockchain technology, such as Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, and Xi Jinping’s recent announcement. Needless to stress the importance of this last part for the entire space.

Another layer of this conversation was the social aspect of DAOs, which nowadays is arguably poorly explored technologically speaking. Most interactions between DAO members are mediated through traditional chat apps, such as Telegram and Discord. Despite doing the job, these are not seamless integrations, and don’t bring any additional benefit to decentralized decision making.

Despite the storm, another rich episode for DAOcast.

This interview was recorded on October 31st, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.