DAO to 🌍 | 1 | Eric Arsenault


“DAO to Earth” is an inquiry based project that seeks to further understand the experience of participating in a DAO, and how this new framework for organizing relates to the world we’re currently living in.

It was funded by the Genesis DAO through Alchemy (DAOstack’s first DAO interface), and it is comprised of 9 interviews with Genesis members. It is hoped that this series will function as a DAO-knowledge library for current builders and future explorers of the dawn of DAOs.

In this first episode we receive Eric Arsenault, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “DAOist” (for his engagement with Genesis DAO, MetaCartel DAO, The DAOfund, and dOrg).

Eric tell us about his personal life and how he arrived at the world of DAOs after funding a successful tech startup. Among other things concerning his experiences with DAOs, we venture into the challenges that new technologies face when trying to bring about change in human behavior. It was then inevitable to reflect on the decentralized space as a whole and whether it is living up to its claims.

Related to that, we brainstorm ways to explain “what is a DAO” to people unfamiliar with this concept and the technology associated with it. And towards the end, Eric tell us about DAOspace, his effort to map the emerging ecosystem of decentralized organizations.

Descriptions can’t live up to this first instance of DAO to Earth, so tune in and enjoy the ride.

This interview was recorded on September 18th, 2019. So please take that into consideration when listening to it.