DAOcast is an attempt at exploring the frontiers of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It’s a series of podcast-style interviews with DAO researchers, developers and enthusiasts. The interviews always keep a casual tone. Free-flowing conversation is our one and only objective.

The 1st season features 9 episodes with the Pollinators, DAOstack’s early adopters community. Their backgrounds range from business, developing, non-profit, academia, art and more. We gave them the mic and asked but two simple questions:

“Who are you and what does a DAO mean to you?”

DAOcast’s hosts are Danilo and Stratis

Danilo is fascinated by everything Complexity related, from fungi mycelium, to cultural evolution, to distributed computer networks. He’s worked as a community manager at DAOstack during the project’s ICO.

Stratis is a crypto enthusiast since 2015 and currently working as Marketing Manager at DAOstack. Among other things, he’s passionate about free thought, free speech and free market.

But what is a DAO anyway?

That’s exactly what we are trying to figure out through our conversations. Lucky for us, some people have done the work of synthesizing the basics from which we can grow more refined conceptualizations. So if you are new to all this (and even if you are already an expert), the video bellow will provide you with enough information to follow our explorations.

DAOcast emerged from DAOstack, but we have been autonomous in our organizing.
If you like what we are doing, you can help the show go on.